Clear and amber glass serum vials, serum bottles, sterile vials, plastic serum vials and serum bottles, cryogenic vials, dental cartridge injection vials, infusion serum vials and more. 

Sterile Vials and Nonsterile Vials - Serum Vials


  • Open Sterile Vials RTF


    QCVIALZ offers open, unsealed ready to fill / ready to use sterile vials in 2ml 5ml 6ml and 10ml sizes in both clear and amber. Ideal for use by compounding pharmacies, CDMO contract drug manufacturing organizations, medical and biological processing and packaging facilities. COMPLETE STERILE VIAL KITS available through QCVIALZ includes Ready to Use sterile 20mm flip cap seals and Ready to Use sterile 20mm vial stoppers. All Ready to Use sterile vial packaging components are shipped worldwide by QCVIALZ.    

    All of our ready to use sterile vial components (sterile vials, sterile vial seals and sterile vial stoppers) come complete with USP Endotoxin testing reports and USP sterility testing reports for your USP and cGMP compliance requirements. 

  • Nested Sterile Vials


    ISO open sterile vials in nested tray configuration for the utmost in quality, safety and convenience in your sterile laboratory. These nested sterile vials are unsealed - sterile vial seals and sterile vial stoppers sold separately sold separately on this website. 

    QCVIALZ RTU packaging components and the nested sterile vial kits comply with USP <660> and EP 3.2.1 standards. RTU vials, rubber stoppers and flip cap seals all sold separately at QCVIALZ.

  • Clear Vials - Non Sterile

    Non-Sterile Clear Serum Vials

    Non-sterile clear serum vials in sizes ranging from 2ml to 500ml. Pharmaceutical grade borosilicate glass vials for research facility, compounding pharmacy laboratory, cosmetic packaging, biologicals manufacturers and medical device packaging clients.  

    The clear serum vials in this section are non-sterile - YOU must process as required to meet your specific industry requirements.

  • Amber Vials - Non Sterile

    AMBER SERUM VIALS  - Non Sterile

    Non-sterile amber serum vials for the professional laboratory, including compounding pharmacies, biological and cosmetic packaging laboratories, and other professional research scientists that demand USP pharmaceutical quality amber glass serum vials. Sizes range from 2ml to 500ml with 13mm 20mm 30mm and 32mm infusion vial crimp finish construction. Amber glass vials are available in 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml and 500ml amber glass vials and amber serum bottle sizes. Worldwide delivery! 

  • 10ml Vials

    10ml VIALS

    QCVIALZ offers the widest choice in 10ml vials, including 10ml shorty vials, 10ml headspace vials, sterile 10ml vials, 10ml open sterile RTF vials, clear and amber 10ml vials, 10ml vial stoppers, 10ml vial seals, 10ml vial boxes and complete 10ml vial packaging. The QCVIALZ website was formerly the EZVIALZ website. Worldwide delivery is available with Customs clearance to select countries. If you are having difficulty choosing from the different 10ml vial types available, you may want to read our article that explains the different between tubing 10ml vials VS molded 10ml vials.  

  • Plastic Serum Bottle Vials


    Plastic serum bottle vials have extensive use in the veterinary medical field, as well as in areas of clinical research and cosmetic packaging applications. The non-breakable, shatterproof nature of a plastic serum bottle vial is often preferred over the traditional glass varieties. Both polypropylene and HDPE plastic serum bottle vials are available from 3ml to 1,000ml, several in both clear and amber plastic. These plastic serum bottle vials require crimp finish seals and stoppers sold separately on this website.

  • 13mm Crimp Serum Vials

    QCVIALZ offers 13mm crimp serum vials in 2ml 3ml 5ml and 10ml sizes, in both clear and amber. The smaller crimp finish allows the use of smaller, thinner stopper septa. We offer a complete set of 13mm crimp vials, vial seals and vial septas. We also offer Kebby brand vial crimpers for 13mm crimp finish serum vials. 

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