To achieve the utmost efficiency and reproducible quality, manual labor aspects of our sterile RTF vial production will be reduced or eliminated in the future. To achieve this, new automated manufacturing systems and equipment will be implemented in the coming 2-3 years. Once fully implemented, there will be a slight dimensional change to some of the RTF vials we offer.

International Standards Organization (ISO) – Vial Dimensions

Below is a table of what we are offering now VS what the ISO replacement will be:




ISO 2R 2ml clear and amber (holds 3ml) 



ISO 6R 5ml/6ml clear and amber (holds 8ml)


remains the same

ISO 10R 10ml clear and amber



We already have samples of non-sterile ISO 2ml and 10ml vials available that can be ordered to review ahead of time. We also have an ISO 10R open sterile vial immediately available in alveolar trays of 96pc per tray. If your facility is applying labels to the vials, you may want to order a few sample pieces to make sure the labels and other packaging (eg: vial boxes, etc) will work with the new ISO vial dimensions. For a visual illustration, please see the image below for ISO 10R vials:

ISO 10R Vial Dimensions Image

a 2nd illustration is below that shows the difference between our 2ml sterile vial 62113S-2 vs. the size of an ISO 2R vial:

ISO 2R vial comparison

a 3rd illustration below that shows the volume capacity of a 2R amber sterile vial - one with 2ml and one with 3ml water added for visualization of filling capacity of our nested 2R amber sterile vials:

ISO 2R filled with 2ml and 3ml water for visualization

If you have any questions, please send us an email: 

NOW AVAILABLE: ISO 2R amber and ISO 10R clear open sterile nested vials HERE