Whatman Cytiva Filters


Discount pricing on Whatman Polycap capsule filters, Whatman syringe filters, and ZAPCAP filters (now GVS). 

Whatman Cytiva Filters


  • Whatman Polycap Capsule Filters

    Whatman Polycap capsule filters from Cytiva. Several styles available. Polycap capsule filters are available with combination prefilters and final filters to provide maximum filtration of difficult, particulate-laden solutions. Available with and without a filling bell. Whatman Polycap AS (for Aqueous Solutions), and Whatman Polycap TF (teflon) for aggressive solvent based solutions.

  • Whatman Syringe Filters

    Whatman Syringe Filters - CYTIVA

    As the premier trusted brand in syringe filters for more than 100 years, Whatman Cytiva syringe filters are available from QCVIALZ by the case or by the individual piece. Buy only what you need - when you need it!

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