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QCVIALZ offers Canada vial packaging, including sterile and non-sterile serum vials, vial seals, sterile and non-sterile vial stoppers, vial crimpers, vial boxes and allied sterile vial packaging. Also available are sterilization filters, sterility testing media, chromatography supplies, injection pen cartridges, microbiology testing media. 

Canada Vial Packaging Lab Supplies


  • Canada Vial Crimpers


    QCVIALZ ships USA manufactured vial crimpers to all locations in Canada. Our vial crimpers are designed for various serum vials with 8mm 13mm 20mm 30mm and 32mm crimp neck vial finish. Stainless steel vial crimpers for both all aluminum vial seals and flip cap - flip off vial seals are available.

    Need complete vial packaging? QCVIALZ ships serum vials, vial seals, vial crimpers and complete vial packaging to all locations in Canada with Customs clearance included in our services! 

  • Canada Serum Vials


    QCVIALZ offers both clear and amber serum vials in non-sterile and pre-washed and sterilized vial formats. Open, Ready to Fill sterile vials are also available in sizes 2ml through 10ml. Non-sterile serum vials are available in clear and amber from 2ml to 500ml.

    In addition to serum vials, QCVIALZ also offers vial stoppers (sterile and non-sterile), vial seals, vial crimpers, vial boxes and complete vial packaging. CUSTOMS CLEARANCE is offered for all of our serum vial packaging supplies when ordering from QCVIALZ!  

  • Canada Vial Stoppers


    QCVIALZ offers serum vial stoppers to all points in Canada, including unprocessed vial stoppers, washed and ready to sterilize vial stoppers (RTS RFS), and washed vial stoppers that have been sterilized (RTU Ready to Use). Our washed and sterilized vial stoppers come complete with sterility and endotoxin testing reports. QCVIALZ offers vial stoppers in 13mm, 20mm, 30mm and 32mm sizes. We offer igloo vial stoppers, 2-leg and 3-leg lyophilization vial stoppers, round bottom vial stoppers, contact lens silicone vial stoppers, snap on vial stoppers and more. Butyl rubber vial stoppers are available in both bromobutyl and chlorobutyl formats.

    QCVIALZ is your complete vial packaging source, for serum vials, vial seals, vial stoppers and vial crimpers to CANADA!  

  • Canada Whatman Filters


    QCVIALZ offers several Whatman Cytiva filters to all points in Canada, including Whatman Polycap AS capsule filters, Whatman Polycap TF capsule filters, Whatman GVS Capsule filters and other Whatman Cytiva products on special request. 

    QCVIALZ offers Customs clearance as part of our services, so you can rely on easy, no hassle ordering for all your Whatman Polycap filters.  

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