Problems crimping flip cap vial seals? We can help!

Customers have sometimes complained about difficulties crimping 13mm and 20mm flip cap seals onto serum vials. The usual complaint is that the aluminum skirt length doesn’t seem to be long enough to grip underneath the ridge (crimp lip ridge) of the vial being crimped (SEE IMAGE ABOVE)



Our Kebby vial crimpers have a percussion pin that can be adjusted to deepen the crimp of the aluminum skirt under the crimp edge of serum vials. The starting position of the vial crimper percussion pin is usually the best for most crimping applications but can be lowered if you’re having difficulty crimping flip cap vial seals.

Step One – Loosen the Crimper Percussion Pin Bolt

Flip Off Vial Seal Crimper - Initial Setting

In the picture above (BEFORE ADJUSTMENT), you will see the vial crimper percussion pin in its standard position. Loosen the nut at the base of the pin

Step Two: Shorten the Percussion Pin (Cone Head Bolt) Height 

Don’t lower the pin too low in your first try – this may take incremental steps to get the best adjusted height.  (SEE THE IMAGE BELOW – AFTER ADJUSTMENT)

Crimper after percussion pin adjustment

Now try crimping your flip cap seals again after your initial adjustment. You may need to make a few adjustments before you get the best height to crimp your flip cap seals. NOTICE: If you are using more than one brand of flip cap vial seal, you may need to perform this procedure each time you change brands. If you don’t have our style of Kebby USA manufactured vial crimpers, we offer 2 sizes:

13mm Flip Cap Vial Seal Crimper: Catalog 13002 - for smaller 2ml and 3ml vials


20mm Flip Cap Vial Seal Crimper: Catalog 20002 - for larger vials with a 20mm crimp finish

OPTION TWO – Use our 20mm Thin Flange Vial Stoppers

Customers who have problems crimping 20mm flip cap vial seals have the option of selecting our 20mm Thin Flange 3 leg lyophilization vial stopper. The top flange thickness is substantially thinner than a traditional stopper and will immediately allow for a deeper crimp WITHOUT changing any setting on your crimper.

Thin Flange Lyophilization 3 Leg Vial Stopper

Buy 20mm 3-Leg Thin Flanged Lyophilization Vial Stoppers HERE