Vial Stoppers


Vial stoppers for serum vials. USP Class 6 pharmaceutical vial stoppers. Round bottom vial stoppers, lyophilization vial stoppers, wafer vial stoppers, infusion vial stoppers, washed ready to sterilize vial stoppers and sterile irradiated vial stoppers. Worldwide shipping available.

Vial Stoppers for Serum Vials - USP Pharmaceutical Quality


  • 13mm Vial Stoppers

    13mm Vial Stoppers for Serum Vials

    Pharmaceutical quality 13mm vial stoppers for serum vials. 13mm vial stoppers available in USP bromobutyl and USP chlorobutyl rubber formulatons. 13mm vial stoppers are normally used on smaller 2ml and 3ml serum vials.  

  • 20mm Vial Stoppers

    20mm Vial Stoppers for Serum Vials

    Pharmaceutical USP Class 6 quality 20mm vial stoppers for serum vials. 20mm round bottom vial stoppers, 20 lyophilization vial stoppers, 20mm igloo vial stoppers, 20mm 3-leg vial stoppers, contact lens vial stoppers, washed and ready to sterilize vial stoppers and pre-sterilized vial stoppers. Compounding pharmacy and 503b outsourcing manufacturing facility customers are welcomed!  

  • 30mm Vial Stoppers

    30mm butyl rubber vial stoppers. For our large serum bottle vials that have a 30mm crimp (15mm hole opening x 30mm outer rim diameter). Fully autoclavable butyl rubber meeting USP Class 6 standards for critical pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry applications. 

  • 32mm Infusion Vial Stoppers


    32mm bromobutyl infusion vial stoppers. For use with our 32mm infusion vial seals and 32mm crimp serum bottles sold separately on this website.

  • Ready to Sterilize Vial Stoppers


    washed, tested and ready for sterilization

    13mm 20mm and 30mm vial stoppers that have been washed and packaged into autoclave ready bags for sterilization. These vial stoppers have been tested by ISO certified facilities for CFU bioburden and endotoxin levels for cGMP and USP documentation requirements. These are the benefits of ready to sterilize vial stoppers

  • Sterile Vial Stoppers RTU


    Sterile Vial Stoppers ~ washed, sterilized, tested and documented. Ready to Use sterile vial stoppers are ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturers, compounding pharmacies, biological peptides research and development and contract drug manufacturing organizations ( CDMO ). Sterile vial stoppers are available from QCVIALZ in both 13mm and 20mm sizes. CFU bioburden sterility and endotoxin testing analysis reports by an ISO certified testing facility is available for all lots sold by QCVIALZ

  • Lyophilization Stoppers

    QCVIALZ offers butyl rubber lyophilization vial stoppers in 13mm and 20mm sizes for pharmaceutical and biological applications. 13mm and 20mm ready to sterilize (RTS) ready for sterilization (RFS) lyophilization vial stoppers are immediately available for worldwide shipping. We also offer 2-leg 2-prong 20mm sterile lyophilization stoppers with 3rd party sterility and endotoxin testing reports for stringent cGMP and USP pharmaceutical documentation and validation requirements. Other lyophilization style stoppers we offer are 13mm and 20mm igloo style vial stoppers as well as 3-prong lyophilization vial stoppers.  

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